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Unfortunately many people have a hard time seeing eye to eye with their boss. Maybe it’s because they don’t like being told what to do, or maybe their boss just isn’t fair.

But your boss is the one employee you need to build a good relationship with. They call the shots for your workload; they can help you achieve that promotion; and if you want a pay rise, they’re the person you will turn to.

So staying on your boss’s good side is important. And here’s how you can do it.

Understand that every boss is different

If the boss in your last job was a great guy; fought your corner; got you an incredible pay rise etc, don’t presume your next boss will be the same. Everyone has a different personality, and every boss takes on their role differently.

Understand this and assume nothing.

Communicate your problems

There are a lot of employees out there who keep their work related issues bottled up, letting it manifest into a foul mood that colleagues have to deal with. Your boss wants you to communicate these issues, because if they’re a problem for you, they might be a problem for other members of the team.

Don’t moan at your boss about every little thing though. If it’s a small gripe, deal with it yourself. But the bigger things they’ll appreciate knowing.

Be a pro

Every boss (and we mean, every boss) will appreciate a professional employee.

What do we mean when we say ‘professional’?

Dress well – dress for the job you want. The smarter you look, the more professional you come across.

Act right – Work isn’t a social time. You are there to get a job done, so treat work like it’s a job. No swearing, no moaning, no excuses. Get it done.

Show initiative

Don’t wait around for your boss to instruct you on the days tasks. No boss likes to hold their employees hands through everything, so show some initiative. If you can, get started early on the day’s work. Get in early, stay late – show your boss how much working there means to you.

And remember, it is okay to ask for help when you need it. But don’t expect it every day.

The secret to a good working relationship with your boss is doing your work well, being professional, and going the extra mile. If you want to do well, that’s the secret.

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