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It can be easy to lack confidence in your own working abilities, particularly when you start a new job or have a new role. Improving your own self esteem can benefit your working environment and help motivate you throughout your day at work and even beyond the office.


Set goals & reward yourself

Having things to work towards can give you the chance to further succeed and feel a sense of accomplishment. You may want to close a deal with a new client or learn how to use a piece of software; no matter how big or small, the goals that you set yourself, when completed, will help build confidence in your own abilities. It may take more time to reach certain goals but the key is to stay motivated and promise yourself specific rewards when you get to the end.

Set realistic expectations

Many people put a large amount of pressure on themselves to achieve, but having unrealistic or excessive expectations results in unnecessary stress and can be harmful to your esteem. It is good practice to prepare ahead for each day/week/month so that you know what you need to achieve and what is expected of you. Of course, it is good to go the extra mile beyond your role but nobody needs to run a marathon in order to do well!

Know your own strengths and weaknesses

It can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others but once you have a clear understanding of what you excel in and what you struggle with, you can tailor these strengths and weaknesses to benefit you. For example, if you are a particularly visual learner, fulfilling your daily tasks in a way that helps stimulate your learning style can help you to achieve the best that you can. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone though but do this slowly!


This can be daunting, especially if you are new, but making a conscious effort to interact with your colleagues can create a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Knowing that there are people that you can talk to at work can be comforting and give you lasting connections as well as the possible opportunity to further engage with an external network of people. Social interaction is a chance to build upon your confidence and any communication skills you may be worrying about.

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