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It’s that time of year again where businesses get particularly busy and many employees start to feel the strain. Suffering from stress towards Christmas time is increasingly common but there are a number of ways to tackle the rising pressures and demands in order to remain productive. Letting stress affect your job is dangerous which is why at Stella Yeomans Employment Solicitor we suggest these top tips.




Learn to say no or delegate

Trying to take on too many projects or tasks will only help raise stress levels. Attempting to multi-task or complete numerous overlapping deadlines is just not possible. Be realistic with your workload and where you can delegate work onto your fellow employees. A shared workload will make things more manageable. If you are asked to complete extra work, learn to say no without feeling guilty about it. Prioritise the existing work you have before taking on any further tasks.


Plan ahead with your workload

Keeping a schedule or tasks list will help to organise your workload and make your end goals far more achievable. Take responsibility for your workload and figure out a way to complete all of the components. You may be able to slot smaller tasks in between larger projects so that deadlines can be met. Planning time is often overlooked but it is essential to being in control. Try to be as prepared as you can before approaching tasks. This should set you more at ease and make you feel calm throughout.


Find time to get away from the desk

Skipping lunchbreaks or working longer shifts can definitely make stress levels mount. Fresh air and a change of scenery are key factors in reducing stress. Avoid any of the stifling feelings of being sat at your desk in the office all day by finding time to have breaks. Regular breaks throughout the day, even just to get water or use the toilet will help boost your mood. Make the most of lunchbreaks by getting out of the office completely and going for a walk. Exercise is known to promote positive emotions.




Clear your workspace

A tidy desk makes for a less messy mind. Often people will find that trying to work in a cluttered or chaotic environment is incredibly hard and off-putting. Organise your things and create a system for filing paperwork or other documents. Once things look better around you you will be able to feel better. The time taken to tidy your things will be definitely earned back in the long run as you will find yourself becoming more efficient and able to concentrate on your work.


Work towards the holidays

Always have the prospect of the Christmas break in mind as you work. Having something to look forward to and work towards will better motivate you. Don’t become overwhelmed in thinking about how close the festive period is but channel your energy into what you have left to do in the time you have left. Maximise the last days before Christmas to fulfil your workload so that you can better enjoy and appreciate the break away from the office.


For further tips and advice about issues within the workplace, read through the rest of the blog. Contact Stella Yeomans today if you need an employment issue to be resolved. Make the most of your Christmas break. We wish you a very merry Christmas.

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